Listen: Raido’s “Automatic EP 1″

Raido’s New EP is a Colossal First Taste of His 6-EP Series ‘Automatic/Manual’

After getting his laptop stolen, doing a whole lot of introspection, and relocating to Mexico City (and then back to his home country), Costa Rican producer Raido is embarking on a six-EP adventure throughout the course of 2017. The EP series, titled Automatic/Manual, follows his 2015 album Jera. It kicks off with Automatic EP 1, which we recently previewed with opener “Dreams in Black.” Rather than highlighting the meditative quality of his repertoire, Raido turns to the saturation and moody undertones he has hinted at in previous works.

“Dreams in Black” is a standout, shapeshifting from a slick trap beat into a four-on-the-floor house rhythm and back without breaking a sweat, aided by the icy chord progression and the timbre of the synths. “Super Hot” lifts the spirit back up right from its airy intro, creating luminous hope. Or at least it does until the staccato bass line runs through like a train without brakes, clashing with the distorted elements. It all piles up and leaves behind a digital trail of cosmic dust.

Bass-heavy “Neko” could make for a gigantic hip-hop instrumental, but instead of getting pumped up by a rapper, flourishes of stunning synths pop in and out, weaving sweet textures. The EP closes with “Saw Dude,” which finds Raido at his most electronic yet. The repetitive melodic figure is a ballerina who dances right in the middle of the stage, surrounded by an ambient choir of faux-strings and 80s synths, whose final move turns her into an 8-bit Nintendo character.

This is only the beginning of a year full of music from Raido, who sounds ready and confident to dive headfirst into the colossal ride that is Automatic/Manual.

Raido - Meant To Be

Raido – Meant To Be

Raido es el nuevo proyecto de Giancarlo Renzi, jóven productor de Costa Rica que pasó por el drum & bass y el dubstep antes de dar un gran salto al crear el EP "Meant To Be", el cual consta de 5 tracks que son como 5 exquisitos blunts de distintos sabores llenos de hip-hop del futuro.

Raido & Elebleu

Listen: Raido & Elebleu’s “Black Beach”

Raido and Elebleu’s “Black Beach” Is Ambient Dembow for Your Summer Fling


Download: Raido’s “Howl”

Lo-Fi House. Howl is part of the last batch of tracks Raido made last year, all stemming off interpretations of different sculptures/photos he has stumbled upon.


Download: Raido’s “哀れ(Aware)”

Giancarlo Renzi regresa a NWLA via Top Cats para presentarnos la primera parte de una colección de dos discos en los que Renzi hace suya la genética del hip hop y continúa explorando los sonidos vintage, así como el pop. A continuación él nos explica con detalle este nuevo proyecto.