Raido & Elebleu

Listen: Raido & Elebleu’s “Black Beach”

Raido and Elebleu’s “Black Beach” Is Ambient Dembow for Your Summer Fling

Costa Rican producer Raido and Mexican beatmaker-vocalist Elebleu have teamed up for “Black Beach,” a stripped-down dembow track with house roots. Released via Mexican netlabel NWLA, the duo’s collaboration explores the enticingly fleeting nature of summer romance. For Raido, the latest track is a sunny detour from his ongoing EP series Automatic/Manual.

Raido’s production opens with the aquatic layers of a dembow riddim. The producer’s trademark synth work provides an airy backdrop and brings “Black Beach” full circle, culminating in a composition that lies comfortably on a spectrum between Maluma and Giorgio Moroder.

Elebleu, on the other hand, lays down an impressive vocal performance, having just recently returned to the mic after focusing on production (including the recent Beasty Godiva collab “Ven P’acá.)” The track bubbles over with a sense of longing, calling to mind a slurred, drunken night out with untold consequences. In his own words, “It’s the typical story about ephemeral love which starts unexpectedly and ends up like almost every summer fling: with disappointment and oblivion.”

As Elebleu’s vocals fade out and Raido’s production is stripped down to silence, the serene, solemn tide makes its return and does its best to drown the sense of desire that underlies the entire song.


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Desde Costa Rica les traemos a Giancarlo Renzi, un productor de San José quien bajo el alias Raido, nos presenta esta noche su primer material oficial en una nueva etapa de su carrera en la que pone de lado al dubstep y demás géneros con los que trabajó anteriormente firmando solo como Renzi.


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Not too long ago, we shared El Guincho‘s “Pegada al White,” a track off his The Life of Pablo-spoofing Michael Dior Mixtape. Even though the lyrics bitterly burn an unspecified love interest, its heavily auto-tuned vocals, tempo, romantic melodies, and beatless structure just screamed for a perreo remix, stat.


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Giancarlo Renzi regresa a NWLA via Top Cats para presentarnos la primera parte de una colección de dos discos en los que Renzi hace suya la genética del hip hop y continúa explorando los sonidos vintage, así como el pop. A continuación él nos explica con detalle este nuevo proyecto.


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Un tributo a J Dilla y la delirante Psylocke