Listen: Echoplvy, Méne & Tane’s “No Pasa Na”

Echoplvy, Méne, and Tane’s “No Pasa Na” Is an After-Hours Call to Behave Badly

On “No Pasa Na,” a call to behave badly is set against the backdrop of a dirty dembow riddim. It’s the latest offering from Mexican netlabel NWLA, a track by Los Angeles producer Echoplvy featuring Monterrey-based R&B singer Méne and Chilean rapper Tane. Seventeen-year-old vocalist Méne is at his most self-assured and heavy-lidded here, coaxing flirtation into a full-blown flame. Only a few months removed from sadboi anthem “Nunca es tu piel,” “No Pasa Na” finds him in a haze of desire and the fog of feeling yourself.

Echoplvy’s production soundtracks Méne’s search for mischief well. With his 2016 PRDISE EP in mind, the composition of “No Pasa Na” veers away from his modus operandi, steering deeper into a world of summer romance littered with dark edges. The dembow riddim lies comfortably underneath synths and chords that feel like they’ve been pulled straight out of your favorite Playstation 2 game, a welcome turn for the young beatmaker. Dark riffs, muddied dembow, and a confident, impassioned call to end the night between the sheets make “No Pasa Na” a good soundtrack to your adventures after last call.

For Méne, this latest track points to his effervescent potential for growth in Latin America’s R&B universe. Stay tuned for more new music from the artist later this summer.


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