Download: Méne’s “Come And See Me (Spanish Remix)”

Here’s your moisture-building R&B anthem, sans passive aggressive hip-hop allegiance switching.

“Come and See Me” is Monterrey singer Méne‘s cover of the PARTYNEXTDOOR single of the same name. You know, the song about unbalanced relationships whose music video features PND kissing Kylie Jenner in the rain, after the rapper’s separation with Kylie’s ex, Tyga? (I know!) But this post is not about gossip. Or maybe it is, but this is it: Monterrey is putting in work when it comes to raising the profile of its R&B artists.

Sixteen-year-old Méne has a strong back catalog to explore the next time you’re keeping it low-key at your house and need some background music to help you with your game. He’s already signed to NWLA, and is working on an album of collaborative material with his Monterrey connections. We’ve written before about the Nuevo Leon capital and its scene’s reliance on artistic collaborations. For more proof of MTY crew love, you can check Méne’s collab with fellow young one Keen Drei on “Lento.” That song should serve as a good intro to this latest wave of slick R&B from 150 miles south of the Texas border.

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