Download: Tane’s “Intro”

Chilean MC Tane recently dropped his Young, Winning and Shining mixtape, which is an introduction to his particular brand of come-up rap.

On the 9-track tape, Tane spits about everything from life on the street to love. Recorded throughout 2015 for the Fiebre41 label, YW&S is an exhibition of both Tane’s MC and production skills. The 21-year-old is certainly ready to make an impression and prove that he’s here to stay.

With the release of his trap-styled “Lo Que Quieras” (featuring Kriser and Big Angelo) in February serving as the lead single, Young, Winning and Shining has all the elements of an Atlanta-produced hip-hop set. There’s also the obligatory flip, with Tane flowing over Meek Mill and Drake’s undeniably heavy “R.I.C.O.” instrumental. The set has more to offer than just straightforward trap sounds, however; on Young, Winning and Shining’s “Intro,” Tane embraces sunny electro synths as well. The track serves as an optimistic primer for the rest of the set, capturing Tane’s hunger for success.

In addition to Kriser and Angelo, YW&S contains collaborations with Slim J, Danko, ARTBIZ and Ceaese & Kinjua. On the production side, Tane is assisted by Upper & Chvm, Brokaefe, Shuremusic, and Kinjua again, while TytoKush was responsible for the mastering of the set.

Download YW&S’ uplifting “Intro,” then head to iTunes to get the rest of the tape.

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Download: CLXSTA’s “32 Vidas”

Aquí les dejamos una descarga gratuita como adelanto del próximo material de Colexionista y su banda Spvce Problems

Naked Geometry - Autumn 2015 Mixtape

Stream: Naked Geometry’s Autumn 2015 Mixtape

Nuestro homie Naked Geo se armó este mixtape especial para bailar, soñar con los ojos abiertos, y enamorarse desenfrenadamente, este otoño.


Sonido San Francisco – Sonidero Total

Sonido San Francisco ha lanzado su segundo video, mismo que nuevamente ha sido dirigido por Adrián Mendez, pieza clave de NWLA, Pura Crema e Infinito Corazón. La relación entre el Sonido SF y Méndez es histórica, pero no se manifestó virtualmente hasta el video del primer sencillo de SSF, "El Género Romántico". Así que dejamos que esta ocasión, ambos nos contaran mejor la historia detrás de su nuevo trabajo en equipo.

Space Problems

Stream: Spvce Problems – Kawaii EP

Spvce Problems is an elusive little beast. The Mexican rap trio has released just a few singles, but every piece of new music they share is a head-turner. Now CLXSTA, Zaheed Santana, and Zhickleez are finally releasing a full EP, titled Kawaii. In four tracks, the three MCs trade verses over glossy and thick hip-hop beats.