Download: El Guincho’s “Pegada Al White (Faded & Elebleu Edit)

Not too long ago, we shared El Guincho‘s “Pegada al White,” a track off his The Life of Pablo-spoofing Michael Dior Mixtape. Even though the lyrics bitterly burn an unspecified love interest, its heavily auto-tuned vocals, tempo, romantic melodies, and beatless structure just screamed for a perreo remix, stat.

Luckily, our buddies Faded and Elebleu came to the rescue and made an edit that pretty much answers that burning desire.

The Mexican producers’ version of the track boasts a dembow riddim and a deep, buzzy bass line that kicks you in the chest. The rest is hasta abajo history. This is the closest El Guincho has sounded to reggaeton since his HiperAsia track “De Bugas,” which stands somewhere between J Balvin and Sensuous-era Cornelius. It sounds so natural, it’s a little scary.

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Photo by Aris Jerome

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