Naked Geometry

DOWNLOAD: Naked Geometry’s “The Missing 43 EP”

It hasn‘t been too long since Romeo C Alab, a.k.a. Naked Geometry, began sharing his particular breed of tracks with us. All the way from Ciudad Satélite in Mexico, we’ve listened closely to his mix of R&B samples, break beats, and hard-to-trace samples that create an electronic strain of tracks not often found within the Mexican music scene.

This time Naked Geometry presents a full EP honoring the 43 missing students from Ayotzinapa, featuring remixes from Paperworks, Cash Ride, Ninasonik, and Me & Myself. The Missing 43 EP includes two tracks, “Baby It‘s a Wild World“ and “Flirting,” both available for streaming here. The latter takes you through a smooth, chill mood, whereas the former brings you to an eerie, unsettling place.

Me & Myself manages to create a breakbeat-ish version of “Flirting” using those catchy arpeggios that can hold down almost any track. Ninasonik’s remix is not the first collaboration between these two producers, but the output differs from previous attempts by creating a more obscure version of “Baby It’s a Wildworld.” At some point during Cash Ride’s remix of “Baby It’s a Wildworld,” we can hear a sample of Omar García’s voice narrating his testimony of what happened on the day the disappearance happened.

The EP moves through lo-fi and–as Naked Geometry described them–future R&B sounds with bold social and political statements that make it difficult to stop listening once you’ve pressed play.

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Download: Kryone’s “No Fog”

Toda la música por Kryone


Mamicore: Meredith Jay

Con esta sesión de fotos debuta nuestra hermana Nofi en NWLA. Un elemento de la familia muy importante, que nos alegra mucho ver colaborar ahora también en las páginas de nuestro sitio. Y más si para su primera entrega participó la artista multi-disciplinaria Meredith Jay, quien es originalmente de Montreal pero actualmente reside en el DF.

Niño Árbol - Distancia EP

Stream: Niño Árbol’s “Distancia EP”

Guadalajara-born electronic music producer Kevin Martinez has been using the Niño Árbol moniker to deliver his experimental electronic creations for roughly over a year. That may sound like little time, but it’s actually quite impressive, considering that he’s only 19 years old and already sounds like a pro. After his self-titled debut album dropped last year, he’s now releasing a brand new EP called 'Distancia' through NWLA, and it sounds like he’s finally feeling comfortable wearing his techno outfit.


Te Amodio

La mayoría de nosotros no sabemos distinguir el amor del odio, porque no son dos cosas tan diferentes. Son un mismo sentimiento: El Amodio. Un poco con la intención de explicar mejor este fenómeno que nos aleja y acerca con la misma intensidad a todos, recurrimos a las típicas fotos de stock para ilustrar esta nueva columna de Ashauri.