‘IGIGI’ starts with a sample from a movie dubbed in Mexican/LATAM Spanish about a space invasion. It’s during those 30 seconds that you will realize you are not about to listen to a typical hip-hop joint.

Clxsta a.k.a. Colexionista is a rapper from Monterrey who has been on our radar for a few months now, getting by in the musical world with a remarkable flow and peculiar lyrical content. IGIGI is a co-release between the JAMGLE collective and NWLA.

The general tone of the EP is very chilled-out, but that doesn’t mean the beats aren’t without their sonic challenges. They seem to operate at a point in between modern trap-inspired drum sounds and sweeping synths, and ’90s gritty productions. The first proper track in the set “$corpio (Se Siente Mejor Pero No Es Abril)” features dirty, clicky beats, as well as some clustered synths that recall pump organs or cheap flutes. Then it’s off to the races with each track, providing the ideal soundtrack for Clxsta to unleash his paranormal science. Everything is in its right place, production-wise.

Lyrically, the rapper seems to hint at deeper meanings and more personal themes in each of his turns at the mic. The key word here is “hint” since his choice of words and imagery tends to obscure whatever he is trying to say, and this is what makes Clxsta an emcee to watch. There’s a realness to both his delivery and the general attitude of his rhymes, but his carefully chosen words evoke imagery of the occult, the extraterrestrial (scientific, astrological, and fantastical), and the just plain out-there. He seems to be rapping in the physical place right between the esoteric and our day-to-day world. He has some remarkable one-off couplets, but his style is best enjoyed one song at the time, like submerging into one avant-garde short film after another.

There’s a ton of variety in IGIGI. The aforementioned “$corpio” showcases what makes Clxsta shine, and adds a chorus almost as an afterthought. “32 Vidas (Cartas De Amor en Hebreo)” features one of his most sprawling moments, while the MC-showstopper “Star Shower” (featuring his Spvce Problems mates Zhickleez and Zaheed Santana) even has a melodic and catchy hook. All the tracks present don’t get too hung up, making their point clear in a few brief minutes, leaving you wanting more.

Is this the dawn of Illuminati rap? Probably not, but Clxsta leaves us with a promise for more and better things ahead. Above everything, he’s here to remind us that he’s keeping it surreal for all of us.

[Review via Remezcla]


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